Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center        

The Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN

BPI produced all media for the breathtaking new Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center—a rare and unique zoo experience where visitors can personally connect with the orangutans. While the apes swing happily above, visitors explore current research, learn about their personalities, and even donate to help save their natural habitat.


Prototyping at Half Scale

In the main atrium, visitors can use one of three stations at the Conservation Portal to learn more about the orangutan habitat. With a swipe of a credit card, visitors can donate directly to stopping deforestation in the Borneo rainforest. A virtual tree with their name animates on a monitor above, as they get upto- date information about those making a difference in orangutan research. A Design Your Own Postcard feature allows visitors to select playful orangutan backgrounds and embellish with decorative stamps or photos. Visitors can email this one-of-a-kind memento to friends as well as post to Facebook.

Engaging Media Exhibits

In the entrance of the exhibit, a video presentation, Mother & Child, plays above an observation window to the atrium. This five-minute documentary emphasizes an integral part of the orangutan’s existence, the special bond between a mother orangutan and her child. Flanking the main atrium window, monitors playing Resident Profiles loop to highlight personality traits and interesting facts about each resident. Every ninety-second clip gives visitors an insider’s point of view of life at the Orangutan Center. And, a three-screen presentation in the research demonstration area features interviews with key researchers about the noteworthy work happening on site at the zoo.

After the filming, the work really began for BPI. Editing, scoring, effects, lighting, computer control systems, rumbling floor and air cannon all had to work together—seamlessly. This 360-degree experience is complex and rarely done. During the editing process, BPI listened and attended to every detail of our comments. When I saw the ½ scale mocked-up theater in their facility, it brought tears to my eyes, even though it was only 60% edited…this is historical storytelling at its best.

Dan Joyce, Director “Seeing the Elephant,” Kenosha Public Museums