As both a creative and technical services firm, we conceptualize our projects first through story. What do we want our work to say? How do we want users to feel? What will make the best product for our clients? Using interactive game design and software development, paired with linear production services and integrated AV systems, we excel at creating visitor experiences that are customized, meaningful, and memorable.

Experiential & Media Design

Implementing custom-made, comprehensive experiences starts with a well-conceptualized environment and innovative media design. Using principles of experiential and UX design, our team works to understand both venue demographics, as well as user personas. Through research, interpretive planning, and moderated focus groups, we are able to create well-rounded experiences that achieve our client's vision, fulfill our creative concepts, and engage a visitor’s senses.


From an attention-grabbing motion picture, to crowd participation in a theater experience, to the timbre of a dynamic soundscape, production is at the forefront of our work. In conjunction with our designers, developers, and AV integrators, our production project managers head each of our multimedia projects. They are the facilitator between internal services and client relations, and consistently strive for a positive and personalized experience, and an overall successful project.

Software Development

Utilizing an agile approach to programming, we maximize our client participation by engaging them in an iterative process. Using a multifaceted development method, we equip each team with skilled programmers, a scrum master, and product owner. Collaborating closely with our clients, each diverse team constantly and consistently reviews features and functions of the project, ensuring every piece aligns with the expectations of both clients and users.

AV Hardware Integration

From conceptualization to installation, our specialists are versed in system architecture, configuration, and networking. Working fluidly with software developers, our AV team is able to easily adapt from simple setups to complex system design and engineering. In-house, we structure dynamic prototypes for internal and client reviews, as well as monitoring and testing. On-site, our installation team trains clients on setups and troubleshooting, while always staying alert to system issues.

Quality Assurance

Taking a four-pronged approach to testing, our QA and development team utilizes both functional and non-functional principles, as well as structural and change related testing. This allows us to take an exploratory approach in our interactive work. Using these methods, we are able to identify functions the software is expected to perform and ensure those are in working order, while also determining the stability and usability of each interactive, before it ever leaves our facility.

Service, Support & Maintenance

Overtime, technology software and hardware require maintenance and upkeep. For this reason, our internally-developed method for reporting issues allows both team members and clients to track an error from inception to completion. We work collaboratively to resolve on-site issues with efficiency and quick resolve. Through our service & maintenance program, we offer varied options for warranty-based maintenance, emergency services, and local technical support.

“Immersive and evocative.” Cutting-edge house museum tour. I'm not even kidding! Very modern: full of interactives and neat uses of technology. Those who like a quieter, more traditional atmosphere might find it a little flashy, but I thought it was really surprising and cool. They told a very clear story and did a nice job of connecting the past and the present day. Memorable and fun.

Trip Advisor Review, Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site



Life on an install

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Life on an install

After a long day of traveling, Senior Project Manager, Andy Scherr, and I arrive at the hotel to get a quick briefing on the install progress before getting dinner. Our AV Specialist, Tom Brissette, has already been onsite for three days, and we’re all about to go into the home stretch. Our work here is culminating months of planning, design, programming, and prototyping several new exhibits at the National Museum of the Pacific War.  

Bright and early the following morning, our BPI team is ready to head over to the museum to meet with our clients, and continue our work to get everything online. At an install, the best thing you can do is be ready and willing to lend a hand wherever needed. So while I was there specifically to configure our programs onsite and train museum staff in using their brand-new content management system, I wound up pitching in for other odd jobs, and even found myself sitting outside the new museum building, painting speakers to match the ceiling.

The content management system training went off without a hitch, since we had planned for all the content they might want to change down the road. Our interactive developers built a robust program that allowed the museum to make updates, changes, and additions to the program content whenever they needed.

It’s always satisfying to see an install progress smoothly according to your plan. There’s nothing better than seeing our products installed in their new homes in the exhibits. All of it comes together when our team plans for anything and anticipates everything.

After days of hard work, we always reward ourselves with some good food. The best part of traveling to museums and visitors centers is getting to try the local cuisine, and we can eat (almost) as well as we can imagine.

(PS - Look out for more photos of the exhibit space coming soon!)

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