In our business, we sit at the intersection of creativity and technology, of strategy and support. Each member of our team has something they specialize in and excel at. Whether they are part of creative services, proficient in production, a sales & marketing strategist, financial analyst, AV hardware engineer, graphic designer, dynamic developer, or quality assurance technician… our team seamlessly blends to offer integration and imagination.

Bob Noll - CEO

Starting this business nearly 25 years ago, Bob has transformed BPI from a video and post-production company into an interactive, multimedia, and experiential design firm. As one of our local Emerson graduates, Bob’s roots are in storytelling, filmmaking, and performing arts. This background has given him a keen sense for directing talent, the knack for engaging clients with intrigue and agility, and the ability to approach every project with creative purpose. Bob has lent his inventive vision to all of our award-winning experiences. Whether in the office or on the road, Bob’s imaginative force drives our business, touching everything that we do.

Candy Moulton - Executive Producer, Special Venue Sales

For over 15 years, Candy has been a constant in our business while never leaving the comforts of her western ranch. Based primarily out of Wyoming, Candy has balanced roles of special venue sales, producer, writer, and project manager on mid-western projects like In Pursuit of a Dream, Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, and Flint Hills Discovery Center. Where Candy really excels is being able to connect with clients both personally and professionally, gaining an understanding of their needs. Candy knows this well, as she been a client of BPI herself, serving as Executive Director of Western Writers of America and overseeing their Hall of Fame project.

Matt Duplessie - Chief Operating Officer

After beginning his career managing theme park and museum projects in south Florida, Matt founded a creative company in 2003 with TOMB, a walkthrough adventure attraction. This year he literally crossed the street and joined BPI as Chief Operating Officer, bringing his experience in project management, design, and interactive development. Matt holds a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Outside of work Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids and teaching product design to senior mechanical engineering students at MIT.

Mark Dorgan - Creative Director

For nearly 15 years, Mark has been an imaginative and creative presence at BPI. Through decades of experience, he has managed to seamlessly balance first-rate client relations, with excellence in writing, designing, and producing. Along with a mind for all things creative, Mark also brings an inner focus and attention to detail that has guided many successful projects, such as the College Basketball Experience, the Hershey Story, and BPI’s first 4D theater for the New York Power Authority. His receptive and perceptive vision helps him hone in on the prominent message of an interactive, as he works to make every experience customized for both clients and visitors alike.

Kristen Oney - Project Coordinator & Graphic Designer

Orchestrating paired tasks of both Project Coordinator and Graphic Designer, Kristen is able to take work head-on with a collaborative approach, organizational method, and creative vision. Maintaining this balance gives Kristen the opportunity to work with both our internal production and development team members, as well as outside vendors. She is no stranger to museum and visitor venues, as she previously led graphic design, photography, and publication efforts for the well-known tourist spot, Plimouth Plantation. Past experience, combined with her dual roles, helps Kristen thrive not only in project work, but also in our sales and proposal creation.

Geoff Casey - Chief Financial Officer

At the forefront of all things financial, Geoff leads our back office with careful planning and strategy. With his MBA from Assumption College, Geoff has successfully headed financial efforts at General Electric, Emerson Electric, and Haemonetics Corporation, in roles such as Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Administration & Human Resources, and Controller. His tactile approach allows him to look at our business from a development perspective, concentrating on process creation. Being a true economic leader, Geoff works individually with each project manager and team leader to teach financial planning and management, helping to optimize our performance and results.

David Whitemyer - Director of Experience Design

As a licensed architect with over 25 years of experience in museum planning and exhibition design, David brings expertise and mastery to our business. His career has been diverse, with roles in project management, teaching opportunities at Wentworth and Johns Hopkins University, and writing contributions for publications such as Exhibition and Iowa Architect. This blend gives David the aptitude to look at a project as a whole and concentrate on overall environment and experience, while never forgetting the details it encompasses. David continuously works at expanding his repertoire with frequent visits to museums and visitor centers around the country.

Patty DiNatale - Senior Project Manager

Patty is a highly accomplished senior interactive and video project manager with a diverse 15+-year career delivering fully integrated, engaging marketing and advertising campaigns. Her expertise includes producing online campaigns such as websites, landing pages, social media, mobile application projects, new product launches, and banner campaigns. In addition, she has more than eight years of experience producing traditional broadcast and large corporate events. Patty has worked with numerous top-tier agencies in the New England area. Among her many notable clients, she played an instrumental role producing projects for brands such as Reebok, Alere, Bose, Hasbro, Pfizer, and Cover Girl.

John Archambault - Senior Frontend Developer

Recently transported from software work in France, John headlines our frontend website development efforts. With a background in computer science, as well as past roles of software engineer, scrum master, and product owner, John is able to apply both UX and agile principles to his work. Being well-versed in many programming languages, he focuses on testing in conjunction with developing, and consistently examines his work to ensure it works from any user’s standpoint. John also takes a collaborative and creative problem-solving approach.

Joseph Cronin - Project Manager

As a well-versed museum and history buff, Joe came into this business excited to hit the ground running on research; even bringing along his own WWI garb. With a passion for documentary footage, nostalgic newspapers, historic statistics, and anything war-related, he deep-dives into archives, catalogues, and online libraries to find exclusive assets customized for each unique project. Joe also assists on shoots where he coordinates crew, talent, props, and all-around details. His vivacious attitude makes him easily adapt to any environment, and helps him to get along with any and every team member or client.

Carlene Riling - Project Manager

With combined experience in audio/visual and television, Carlene takes an active, hands-on approach to all of her work. This has served her well in the past, producing programs like This Old House and Flipping Boston. She puts her background to work on video production and immerses herself into our interactive projects by taking an interest in software design and Scrum Master responsibilities. Her breakout project management role was for the Detroit Zoo Polk Penguin Conservation Center, creating interactives to promote Antarctica conservation and wildlife preservation.

Jim McCabe - Director of Client Support

Located in the northwest state of Washington, Jim managed an interpretive venue before joining BPI As a previous Lockheed Martin software engineer for more than 15 years, Jim is versed in implementing and supporting technical systems, strategizing solutions, and deploying repairs. This background has given him the ability to analyze both interactive software and hardware design, as well as implement solid resolutions. Overseeing all BPI technical support, Jim works closely with our internal teams and clients to identify and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and quickly works to get systems back up and running.

Emily Charles - Interactive Developer

Balancing both interactive development and technology support, Emily is one of our most solution-oriented staff members. A Linguistics degree from UCLA has equipped her with the communication skills to approach a complex issue methodically and analytically, as well as dissect it into small, easy-to-understand parts. This practical approach makes Emily a sought after team member, and her proficiency has played a key role in project work. One of her biggest successes was creating a data visualization system for the Smithsonian Institution, where she was able to take in data relating to visitors’ interaction with a map table, and use that to output easily consumable infographics.

Mike Sullivan - Senior Editor

As a 16-year veteran of BPI, and a self-proclaimed movie buff, Mike’s entire day focuses around film. Whether he is revamping wartime documentary footage, condensing crowd-sourced material, or masterfully editing a 360-degree theater presentation, Mike always has a vision for the visual. As a former editor for news stations like WBZ-TV/CBS and WHDH-TV/NBC, he knows how to turn a project around both quickly and skillfully. His artistic eye, upfront nature, and penchant for being prepared helps team members plan for a project, as he keeps them in the loop of imagery, video, and visual effects that will make each project a standalone success.

Mike Rafferty - Editor & Sound Designer

As our longest-running employee, Mike has seen the evolution of BPI from a modest production company, into an interactive design business. Starting as an assistant editor while enrolled at Northeastern, Mike has transitioned into a significant member of our post-production team. Now with over 17 years of experience at BPI, Mike has excelled not only in editing, but also in compositing, motion graphics, visual FX, audio engineering, sound design, and mixing. Mike’s greatest strength is his ability to adapt his style to an individual project’s needs; from sign-language tutorials, to Girl Scout webisodes, to historical documentaries. 

Mike Miller - Quality Assurance Technician

Leading our quality assurance enterprise, Mike acts as our interactive investigator. Working on computer configurations and creating test plans with an exploratory approach, he is able to dissect an interactive into small, significant pieces, allowing him to examine individual paths that present software bugs. QA isn’t his only duty here, with education in new media, computer animation, and 3D animation, Mike also takes on graphic animation projects. His principal animation role was for the Connecticut Science Center’s driving simulation game. Mike built an engaging 3D environment of the city of Hartford, allowing visitors to hop into the seat of a large-scale car model, and safely cruise the streets.

Patrick Walker - Associate Producer

Beginning his BPI career as an intern and seamlessly transitioning into an Associate Producer, Pat has had the opportunity to experience the evolution of our production work. Working side-by-side with our Chief Creative Officer, he has experienced long shoot days, 100-person crews, and high-profile interviews. Currently, Pat oversees the production of our in-house and off-site shoots. Whether working behind the camera, capturing shoot photos, or simply packing up gear, he has his hands in all of our filming endeavors. Back at the office, Pat also takes on the role of assistant editor, overseeing our eMAM asset system and cutting short videos.

Jacob Caron - Interactive Developer

Experienced in both software development and game design, Jacob lends his efforts to animation and coding. Graduating with an Interactive Media degree from one of the nation’s top game design schools, Becker College, Jacob has an excellent proficiency for programming. Previously, he tutored fellow students and participated in student teaching opportunities, and has continued this mentoring nature in his current work. As a valued team member, he takes the time to explain programming options and processes, as well as provide well-informed advice and ask exploratory questions. He aims to create a stellar project that will work for product owners and clients alike.

Sarah Hudson - Interactive Developer

Conceptualizing and understanding our interactive work from both a programming and user perspective, Sarah equally divides her time between coding and creative. Her mixed background of design and development have served her well in this role, as she has a Bachelor’s in Architecture from MIT and a Master’s in Computer Graphic Design from RIT. In her work, Sarah loves solving puzzles in a methodical, yet inventive way. She enjoys taking on challenging programming projects and figuring out how to produce a product that gets information across in a captivating way. She is able to speak at ease with users to identify what they do and do not understand, and her ultimate goal is to design an interactive that is intuitive and enjoyable.

Aurelio Rodrigues - AV Integration Specialist

As a specialist in system integration, Aurelio maintains our AV department with structure and attention to detail. His digital certification, combined with a background in network architecture and installation, system monitoring, and technical troubleshooting, gives Aurelio the ability to attack complex hardware issues with knowledge and precision.  As a trusted on-site technician, Aurelio always acts in the best interest of a customer; when integration issues sometimes arise, he is able to concentrate on the functions of that equipment, troubleshoot any issues, create solutions, and deploy repairs competently and quickly.