Hands-on Interactive Exhibits

BPI created an educational venue at the Mt Vernon Campus and are open to the general public and school systems throughout the area. The Pavilion is an educational center educating visitors about the refinery process and geology. Learning principles are based on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Visitors have access to several hands-on interactive exhibits designed and created by BPI to explain complexities in the refinery process and how geology plays a major role in exploration.

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Interactive Learning

A unique interactive BPI produced to visually communicate CountryMark’s expansive reach is the Geology Pod. Here, visitors can search above and below the Illinois Basin’s ground. Projecting onto a round table below, visitors press color- coded proximity sensors to operate the experience. As a new “above ground” or “below ground” category is selected, animations highlight the various pipelines, oil truck routes, cities and highways, major rivers and faults and earthquakes. The Be a Geologist game within the interactive highlights a parcel in the basin where CountryMark typically drills. Visitors use their knowledge and helpful hints to try and strike oil!

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