Hershey Story Map Table

BPI provided complete turnkey services to design, produce and prototype all media experiences, as well as network and integrate all AV hardware systems in this extraordinary 10,000 square foot space. BPI thoroughly researched, scripted and produced 36 historic exhibit videos, including five multi-screen theater presentations. The innovative “Explore Hershey” exhibit allows multiple users to access a detailed 3D virtual model of the town, and then explore 360° views of the rooms inside each building. Hot- spots within the virtual environments provide visitors with access to a treasure trove of archival media, including footage, photographs, audio recordings, architectural floor plans, and much more.


BPI developed a highly engaging interactive experience to help guide visitors though the Museum. Centrally located in the grand lobby, the Xplor-O-Scope uniquely combines Hershey’s rich history with modern day technology. Five stations with large touchscreens encourage visitors to answer various questions about themselves in order to generate a personalized tour through the museum. The inspired interface of gears, pipes, levers and pulleys reflects the always-tinkering and inventive spirit of Milton Hershey. To further stress this spirit of ingenuity, the interactive relates the famous founder of Hershey to each visitor. To start, the visitor begins turning the gears to enter their name and then adjusts the camera for a snapshot. In order for the Xplor-O-Scope to craft a personalized tour through the Museum, it then asks visitors questions pertaining to the personality of Milton Hershey. Each answer entered reveals fascinating facts about Hershey’s life and the origins of his empire.