Voices for the Lake     

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center | Burlington, VT

BPI recently collaborated with the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center on yet another project—Voices for the Lake, an open source exhibit funded by an IMLS grant. Centered on Lake Champlain’s history, use and human connections, Voices is an innovative experience that uses digital storytelling to connect the public to watershed stewardship issues regarding the Lake.


A Connected Experience

Three interactive kiosks on site at ECHO encourage visitors to share and explore personal stories about Lake Champlain, its river and streams. One kiosk captures and records video, audio and text-based stories, while the other two are touchscreen based, allowing users to search the database, responding stories they are drawn to. This two-way interaction furthers connections and enriches the overall exhibit, enabling more voices to be heard.

The virtual Voices for the Lake community continues to grow

BPI provided the software for the on-site open source kiosks, as well as fabrication and hardware integration. The kiosks are placed at staggered levels accessible by all. The user interface functions seamlessly with the exhibit design, using a playful bubble motif keeping in style with the surrounding exhibits and the Voices for the Lake website.