Flint Hills Discovery Center         

Manhattan, KS

The Flint Hills Discovery Center is a true BPI project, in that it includes interactives, linear films, AV hardware systems, and even a projected dome experience. "Voices of the Flint Hills" is the crown jewel, as it is a truly dynamic and ever-changing interactive presentation with multiple entry points that combines all of our skill sets into one impressive exhibit experience.


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The Kansas Sandwich

Many begin their visit to the Discovery Center at the Gateway Station. From this kiosk, visitors can plan a trip to the Flint Hills, view up-to-date information about events and sites to visit, and even create customized itineraries to email and print. The use of QR codes and dynamic maps incorporates cutting-edge social media technology into the experience.

Interactives for All Ages

It took nearly a year for BPI to explore the scenic byways and backroads of the Flint Hills, meeting the people who call them home. Over 80 interviews are incorporated into Voices of the Flint Hills, an exhibit delving into the above topics and issues and others crucial to the Flint Hills’ continued vitality. In concert with the Center’s other exhibits, Voices incites discussion and encourages community members and visitors alike to respect and preserve the region’s rich heritage.

I highly recommend viewing the film about the Flint Hills that runs in the "interactive" theatre. Be ready for some surprises. The film runs about 20-minutes and sets the stage for a majestic adventure into the ecosystem of the Flint Hills and the culture of its settlers. But you don't have to view the movie before you begin experiencing the museum. I especially enjoyed the tunnel walk-through that recreates a walk under the prairie. Here visitors can view the staggering root structures of prairie grasses displayed in glass tubes. This mock underground display also has examples of animals that live beneath the prairie. In the settler section on the first floor, the 10-year-old loved practicing to be a cattle auctioneer. The second floor educational children's exhibit kept the kids busy while we adults visited an excellent art exhibit in the gallery, Painters of the Flint Hills. I plan to visit again to discover even more about the beautiful Flint Hills and hopefully view more art.

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