Georgia Aquarium        

Atlanta, GA

BPI recently collaborated with one of the world’s most renowned centers for sea life—the Georgia Aquarium—on their new “Aquanaut Adventure.” Housing more than 100,000 animals and 10 million gallons of water, this aquarium is the largest in the world.


Dart Frogs

Dart Frogs is a 4-person game, where visitors use a poison dart frog avatar to go head-to-head with other players. Players work against the clock, as each guides his or her frog around the screen, trying to chomp down as many spiders and insects as possible. The more insects collected, the higher the frog’s toxicity level rises. Highest percentage of poison wins!

Mouthbrooders Interactive

In the Mouthbrooders interactive, visitors guide baby fish back into their mother’s mouth before the predator fish arrives to finish them off. While at the Animal Diets interactive, visitors scan the foods that various ocean creature enjoy counting up lunch for sea turtles, whale sharks, and bottlenose dolphins. Finally, at the Whale Shark & Dolphin ID interactive, visitors search for the distinctive spot pattern on the animal’s outer layer of skin, and then use a snapshot to match spot patterns and identify the animals.