Smithsonian Institution Castle

The Great Hall | Washington, D.C.

BPI worked closely with the Smithsonian Office of Visitor Services to create a one- of-a kind wayfinding experience for visitors navigating through the National Mall.


Wayfinding Map Table

Upon entering this main Smithsonian hub, a 3D map table commands the visitor’s attention with stellar graphics and models of the iconic landscape. Here, visitors use stations around the table to virtually discover various Smithsonian destinations, gardens, and major points of interest in the DC area. Not only can visitors learn more about a particular location, but they are also given instructions on how to get there. Playful animations light up the path from The Great Hall to the selected site allowing visitors to make the most of their stay.

Membership Mosaic

BPI also developed an interactive to connect visitors to the Smithsonian Institution in a new way. With one click, visitors are able to see themselves in the Smithsonian’s various collections. Visitors choose from four different categories of photos: science and technology, history and culture, art and design, or a combination of all three, to make up their photo mosaic. Once a category is chosen, and the visitor takes their photo, the interactive searches through 37,000 collection photos, and composes a mosaic based on pixel size and hue. Visitors may email this unique keep-sake home along with information on how to become a member.

After the filming, the work really began for BPI. Editing, scoring, effects, lighting, computer control systems, rumbling floor and air cannon all had to work together—seamlessly. This 360-degree experience is complex and rarely done. During the editing process, BPI listened and attended to every detail of our comments. When I saw the ½ scale mocked-up theater in their facility, it brought tears to my eyes, even though it was only 60% edited…this is historical storytelling at its best.

Dan Joyce, Director “Seeing the Elephant,” Kenosha Public Museums