The Mob Museum          

Las Vegas, NV

BPI puts the visitor in the center of the story at its immersive theater experience for the National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement, commonly called the Mob Museum. BPI produced two signature films for the Museum: America Fights Back, an immersive theater experience in a historic setting, and Hollywood and the Mob, a first person account of the movie industry’s fascination with the Mob.


America Fights Back

Presented on four synchronized screens in the actual historic courtroom where the Kefauver Hearings took place in 1950. BPI paid particular attention to the historic fabric of the room and incorporated it into the immersive experience.

Hollywood and the Mob

Set in a plush lounge toward the end of the Museum experience, this film explores how Hollywood has glamorized the myth of the Mob over the years. Based on an interview BPI did with Nick Pileggi, the writer of Goodfellas and Casino, the film acts as a capstone to the entire Museum experience.

Oh, the extensive information that is presented to you here at the Mob Museum! They start from the time when everything was mob, syndicate, payoffs, etc. Theres 3 stories worth of information that takes about 3 plus hours to go thru. From film clips to exhibits and just a wealth of information. Well worth the price! A must see attraction!

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