Virginia Voices  

The Virginia Historical Society | Richmond, VA

This award-winning state-specific crowd-sourced film is the first of its kind—a modern historical documentary woven from the video submissions of Virginians all across the state. Virginia is full of stories, but for the Virginia Historical Society, BPI wanted to focus on the ones that aren’t in textbooks. We asked people to answer three questions that encourage them to share their hopes, dreams, fears, and personal history of Virginia.


Tomato Fight in Petersburg

The film is partially made up of videos shot and submitted by regular people, and partially made up of BPI’s original footage. The assembled narrative brings audiences closer to the real Commonwealth, its people, and their story.

Virginia is full of stories

BPI developed this 25-minute film over a period of almost two years, as we identified Virginians to talk to, solicited Virginians to send us submissions, and even traveled all over Virginia as we shot our own original footage.

Virginians from all walks of life, and all parts of the state added their stories to ‘Virginia Voices.' I’m excited that we produced a film that captured the great diversity of our commonwealth.

Paul A. Levengood, president and chief executive officer