The Color of Being – Art Museum of South Texas

Within any art museum, it is the art itself (as artifact) that needs to be the primary focus of interpretation and remain directly accessible to visitors. BPI’s creative team remained sensitive to and respectful of this primary objective, as we collaborated with the Art Museum of South Texas to seamlessly integrate an innovative layer of digital technology within their new Dorothy Hood exhibition “The Color of Being/El Color del Ser,” to enhance interpretation and visitor engagement, without disrupting direct access to the physical art pieces in the gallery.

Using motion sensing technology, visitors had an opportunity to create art on larger-than-life digital “canvases” in the special exhibition of the abstract artwork of Dorothy Hood. 

Where in the World uses an updatable Content Management System to demonstrate locations and individuals that were inspirational to Dorothy Hood in her artist’s quest. Using this CMS, this exhibit was later repurposed to highlight the work of wildlife artist Kent Ullberg – concentrating on the locations where his art can be seen around the world. The exhibit with its updatable program makes it effective for highlighting the work and connections of any artist featured at the museum.

This project won a Muse Award from the American Alliance of Museums and other awards for interactive technology from the Mountain-Plains Museum Association and the Texas Association of Museums.

*Muse Award – American Alliance of Museums 2018*



Client: Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX
Partners: Museum Arts; Trace Design
Category: Culture & History
Services: AV Design, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Creative Interactives
  • Motion-sensing technology
  • 2018 MUSE Award from the American Alliance of Museums

Strategically placed interactive stations offer visitors a variety of choices to explore exhibition storylines playfully.

Tour Texas

White gallery room showing abstract art on the walls. A transparent touchscreen says Touch to Begin
Interactive exploring Dorothy Hood's abstract art
Formally dressed children painting digitally on a touch-table
Children creating art collages
Woman interacting with a transparent touch screen in an art gallery
Interacting with art using a clear touchscreen
Man taking a selfie on an interactive wall of immersive abstract art
Motion sensing allows visitors to interact with art in a no-touch interactive.