Let BPI help open up your exhibit or location attraction for all the world to see in the most meaningful, immersive, and memorable way possible. BPI, in partnership with iTours 360, produces content rich virtual tours that let you click through a site and see beautiful aerial and ground 360 images and mini 3D tours taken through Matterport . . . but there is much more. Embedded in the high quality imagery are stories carefully curated by our team in collaboration with yours. These stories can be told through text, images, and custom-produced video or AR elements. 

BPI and iTours 360 just finished producing a StoryTour for the Fort DuPont Redevelopment & Preservation Corporation. This tour shows a beautiful site that started as a military fort in Delaware during the Civil War. It is now being redeveloped and adaptively reused to create housing and space for a new, contemporary community to move in while old, historical buildings get restored. Click through the tour to learn about how areas at the Fort were used in the past and see how they are being adapted for use today. You will see new houses, old bunkers, beautiful parklands and experience the stories of the men and women that made history there.