Experiential AV & Media Design

Custom-made, comprehensive experiences beginning with a well-conceptualized environmental and innovative media design.


Immersive Environments

We will help you find the right combination of dramatic video production and beautifully crafted scenic environments to give visitors a multi-sensory experience.


Video & Audio Production

From an attention-grabbing motion picture, to crowd participation in a theater experience, to the timbre of a dynamic soundscape, production is at the forefront of our work.


Interactive Media Production

Turn the valve. Pull the lever. Extend your arms. Swipe right. We combine digital media with tactile mechanical controls, and integrate touchless-tech to engage your visitors in surprising and innovative ways. 

We are a curious bunch . . . are you?

The BPI team puts a lot of stock in being intellectually curious. We’re all born with it. Remember as a kid you always asked lots of questions? That is what we encourage and do. It is our innate love of learning and gaining knowledge for all things that focuses BPI on your stories and how to tell them most effectively to your visitors and guests. Are you ready to stretch your mind and explore with us?

Do you have questions about Media Design or AV Production? Do you want spitball ideas on how to better engage your visitors?
We are here to help.

WOW. The New Imperative.

Today’s visitors have many entertainment
options. Yours has to stand out.

Excite the Senses

See. Touch. Hear. Smell. Move. -- All the elements of a BPI Design.

Being Disruptive

Yeap . . . we are “that” kid in the class.

Flip Things Around

Forget landscape and portrait. We'll help you shift the focus to something unique.

Teamwork Matters

We love being part of diverse project teams.

Collaborate With Us

Our broad experience with both the creative and technical aspects of multimedia development make us great collaborative partners.