Visitor engagement is our passion.

BPI is always thinking like a visitor . . . and what may inspire them.  Something unexpected? Check.  Something different each time? Check.  The ability to share and hear from others? Check.  With inventive media design, we look to motivate guests with themes that appeal to them.  Our immersive environments take your visitors “into another world” and allow them to feel like they are experiencing the story, rather than just reading about it.  Our films and audio programs focus on evocative stories.  Our interactive exhibits are always tactile, inspiring more visitor connections, and they are designed to generate opinions and social feedback. Everything BPI does is in support of visitors talking about your venue and getting them to return.

Let’s get to work.



Experiential, Media, and AV Design

BPI develops custom-made, comprehensive experiences beginning with a well-conceptualized environmental and innovative media design. Using principles of experiential and User Experience (UX) design, BPI’s team works to understand both venue demographics, as well as user personas. Through research and interpretive planning BPI is able to create well-rounded experiences that achieve our client’s vision, fulfill our creative concepts, and engage a visitor’s senses.


Immersive Environments

BPI is at the forefront of the industry in developing large-scale immersive theatrical presentations that engage audiences and tell memorable stories. BPI uniquely combines dramatic video production with beautifully crafted scenic environments.  These evocative presentations incorporate cutting-edge audio-visual systems, show-controlled theatrical lighting, multichannel audio, and environmental special effects. Complemented by BPI’s award-winning interpretive storytelling skills, these dynamic shows become a venue’s signature experience. 


Video & Audio Production

From an attention-grabbing motion picture, to crowd participation in a theater experience, to the timbre of a dynamic soundscape, production is at the forefront of our work. In conjunction with our designers, developers, and AV integrators, our production project managers head each of our multimedia projects. They are the facilitator between internal services and client relations, and consistently strive for a positive and personalized experience, and an overall successful project.


Interactive Media Production

BPI develops highly engaging, interactive experiences that tell stories and make learning fun. BPI combines hands-on tactile interfaces with sophisticated technology, challenging visitors to perform actions that produce eye-popping results. BPI understands that today’s visitors are not passive observers, but rather active participants, personally engaged in content through a layered and nuanced experience.

The stories we tell.

  • Culture and History 
  • Family Engagement
  • American Indian
  • Natural Sciences
  • Zoos, Aquariums, Sanctuaries
  • Higher Education
  • Arts
  • Military History
  • Science and Engineering
  • Entertainment and Sports
  • Corporate


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