Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

Every once in a while, a project comes along that is so impactful, you wish you could share it with the world. The National Park Service, Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument’s project was one such gift. BPI had the honor of conducting 70 oral history interviews from coast to coast capturing the amazing experiences of the brave African American service members who served during World War II and Korea. 

BPI was hired to identify, research, and film all interviews. Filming 70 interviews under normal conditions is no easy feat but when the average age of your interview subjects is 94, you realize that there will be some challenges ahead. In addition to that, the country was fighting its own battle with a pandemic that threatened America’s senior community.  But with meticulous planning and rigid safety protocols production commenced.

Story after story was filled with bravery, courage, and sometimes heartache but they always left us in awe and with profound appreciation for these fine soldiers. Not only did the production conclude with seventy riveting stories, it showcased the extreme heroism of some of America’s top men and women whose stories may otherwise never have been told. This was a rewarding project that will forever be remembered as one of our most treasured.

Client: Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument, Wilberforce, OH
Partners: National Park Service
Category: Culture & History
Services: Film & Video

What We Did:

  • Identified over 70 WWII and Korean veterans for interviewing
  • Produced this project through the pandemic

We appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail, and efforts to find, screen, prepare, and interview exceptional people who all have important stories to tell that adds to our understanding of African American life in the United States.

COR – National Park Service

Women's Army Corps Commander, Millie Bailey just days before her 103rd birthday
Bob Noll sitting down with Montford Point Marine, Willie Woods
Interviewing Clinton Burns, a driver for the Red Ball Express during WWII
100-year-old veteran Johnie Hubert and his son, Chris telling stories of his service during WWII and the Korean War