EdVenture Children’s Museum

Fire safety is no laughing matter . . . but kids need to be engaged and learn the basics to getting out of their home safely in the event of a fire. BPI worked with the Columbia, SC fire department and the educators at the EdVenture Children’s Museum to develop an engaging and memorable immersive experience that does just that. “Get Out, Stay Out, Meet Up” is the message of this multiscreen music video presentation and series of tactile digital interactives (TUI). Kids get to STOMP out their answers to an engaging music driven interactive quiz. They drive a mad cap fire truck to the scene of a fire and create their own fire safety plans. In the theater, objects light up including an oversized smoke alarm, space heater, outlets, stove and ashtray to illustrate hazards in the home. The presentation is followed by a series of interactive Mini Games that are led by a safety volunteer.


Client: EdVenture Children’s Museum
Partners:  Ariel Hallgren, Designer
Category: Children’s Discovery
Services: Exhibit Design, AV Design, Film & Video, Interactives

What We Did:

  • Media Design
  • Exhibit Content Development
  • Interactives
  • Immersive Environments

My 3 year old loved it and so did I! We will be visiting again soon.

Visitor Review

You have to stomp to answer the questions
Fire truck 4K driving adventure
Fire Safety Theater with snappy lyrics
Exit kiosk, kids get a surprise gift
Cool people, hot careers updatable kiosk
Oversized hazards help tell the story