“Imagination” – New York Energy Zone

The signature theatrical production “Imagination” at the New York Energy Zone is a 3D “Magi” presentation directed by the late Douglas Trumbull. Mr. Trumbull was an Academy award-winning special effects maestro. His SPFX credits include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Blade Runner.  BPI was the Executive Producer, Script Consultant, and Post Production Supervisor for the film featuring the historic Nicola Tesla on a mind bending time travel adventure. The story looks at the development of electricity and how the New York Power Authority is building for the future of power conservation, generation, and distribution. 

The production was filmed using Trumbull’s patented “Magi” system where guests view the 3D production at 60 frames per eye, per second, for a stunningly realistic effect.

BPI also completed the media design and creative content overview for all of the New York Energy Zone exhibits in Utica, NY in collaboration with Scott Wood Design.  The media components included multiple hands on digital interactives, multiscreen videos and immersive presentations.  BPI’s distinct media design focused on a holistic guest centered experience.


Client: New York Power Authority, Utica, NY
Partners: Scott Wood Design; Trumbull Studios
Category: Science & Engineering
Services: AV Design, Film & Video

What We Did:

  • Original Multimedia Design
  • Executive producer on state-of-the-art 3D film

World-class 3D theater utilizing MAGI film generation where viewers are enlightened about Nikola Tesla and his lasting contributions that shaped our world today

LaBella Associates

Scott Wood exhibit floor plan with BPI multimedia components
BPI media design for Power Authority interactive timeline
Magi 4D theater experience
BPI media design for the Future grid theater
Scene from Tesla's lab