Food + Farm Exploration Center

BPI collaborated with exhibit designer Gyroscope ( to create unique media experiences that tell the story of Wisconsin agriculture. Visitors learn about Wisconsin’s role in feeding the nation, family farms, and the people behind our food.

Visitors start with an introduction to Wisconsin agriculture and meet generational farmers to understand the region’s farming history. They experience the advanced technology used in today’s farms. The exhibit employs digital media to provide insights into irrigation, farm equipment navigation, food processing, food distribution, and more.

BPI’s tactile interactives engage visitors directly. They operate a center pivot irrigator, learn to control erosion through an interactive sandbox, and experience crop cycles from planting to harvesting in an immersive tractor simulator. Visitors manage a virtual harvest using physical game pieces on an interactive MultiTaction farm table. They process raw vegetables into final products and learn about national food distribution.

These interactives feature custom-produced content, including text, graphics, and field footage. BPI spent over a year filming the farming process across Central Wisconsin, capturing every stage from planting to harvesting to processing facilities and research labs, enriching every digital media component with authentic stories of Wisconsin agriculture.

The exhibit includes a kitchen lab and makerspace hosting weekly events for all ages, and adjacent test fields growing crops each season for hands-on farming experiences.

The Food + Farm Exploration Center is located in Plover, WI, offering a wealth of knowledge about Wisconsin agriculture with each visit.




Client: Food + Farm Exploration Center
Partners:  Gyroscope, Bowen Technovation
Category: Agricultural Education
Services: Media Design, Film & Video, Interactives

What We Did:

  • Exhibit Design
  • Immersive tractor simulator
  • Stories from the field
  • Food processing interactive

What a great facility for the local community, awesome technology and activities for all ages.

Visitor Review

BPI testing the Food Processing Interactive Exhibit
16 screen immersive combine simulator
BPI's drone follows a crop duster
MultiTaction harvest table interactive
Kids stomp out the fungus interactive.
Potato harvesting at dawn
The gesture and depth-controlled sandbox interactive teaches about soil and farm topography.
Object recognition on the MultiTaction table
Appx. 3 million potatoes in storage
Too much fun in a combine!