Lee Harvey Oswald Arrest – Dallas Municipal Building

Working with project designer and fabricator Split Rock Studios, BPI produced 23 unique media experiences for the University of North Texas-Dallas for “November 1963 – The Oswald Arrest”, in the restored Dallas Municipal Building. The exhibits are constructed within the historic site of the 1963 Dallas police station including the hallway Oswald was first paraded down, the line-up room, and the garage where Jack Ruby killed Oswald.  

BPI’s media pieces highlight the arrest, interrogation, and death of Lee Harvey Oswald following the assassination of President Kennedy.  BPI’s work for the project included media design, research, scripting, and production including touchscreen interactive and immersive projections. When guests enter, they are surrounded by a dramatic recreation of Oswald’s gun being held high as it is moved down the police hallway, followed by a multiscreen orientation film that explores the complex relationships between the press, law enforcement, and prisoner rights.  These immersive presentations required a number of historically detailed actor reenactments filmed on green screen.

Through historic images, film footage and video recreations of events in the days following the assassination, the exhibit brings into high relief the activities that occurred within the building made famous by the near around-the-clock live media coverage of the Kennedy assassination and its aftermath.



Client: Dallas Municipal Building, Dallas, TX
Partners: Split Rock Studios
Category: Historical Reenactment
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video

What We Did:

  • Media design and all narrative research
  • Character reenactments on green screen
  • Multiple pepper’s ghost exhibits
  • Seven screen edge-blended immersive projection

The seamless blend of physical and digital elements helped visitors follow the multiple storylines that took place during this critical 48-hour period.

Split Rock Studios

3D CGI of Oswald assassination by Jack Ruby on the actual site
Oswald in lineup projected in actual the historic room
Media Frenzy multiscreen exhibit
Hologram of Oswald getting arrested in the movie theater
Multiscreen orientation theater
Dallas Police Station hallway reenactment on seven screens