Roper Mountain Science Center

BPI created six custom, gamified, digital interactives for the new Environmental Science and Sustainability Building’s “Our Water Story” exhibits. The interactives tell the story of Greenville Water and Greenville Renewable Water Resources’ processes in taking care of all of their water resources, both fresh and waste.

For fresh water treatment, visitors turn a large valve wheel in “Release” to maintain reservoir level, they push and pull two levers back and forth to adjust chemicals added to the water in “Treatment,” and move a joystick around to find and fix leaky pipes in “Distribution”. The games are fast-paced, engaging, and content rich.  Each interactive uses a custom BPI electro-mechanical interface and triggers lighting effects on an animated background mural. 

For Greenville’s wastewater treatment process, two articulated monitors for “Where Does it Go” show the entire wastewater treatment process from your house back to the watershed through quick and witty animations. “Down the Drain” is a game about speed where visitors must decide whether the item should go down the drain or into the trash by pressing a toilet flush lever or trash button. In “Guide the Growth” visitors play a know your facts matching game and then fertilize their crops with biosolids.


Client: Roper Mountain Science Center, Greenville, SC
Partners: Studio Displays
Category: Science & Engineering, Family Engagement
Services: AV Design, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Educational Interactives
  • Animation & Sound Design
  • Innovative Hardware Integration

Roper Mountain Science park was a great idea that continues to improve. I came from out of state and was amazed at the inventiveness and quality. My hat is off to Greenville.


Visitors engaging in the Where Does It Go? Interactive
Kids playing with the Water Treatment and Distribution interactives
Where Does It Go? educational video display
Down the Drain exhibit space