College Basketball Hall of Fame

Collaborating with ESI Design, BPI produced highly experiential media exhibits for one of the only museums that makes you sweat. The College Basketball Experience is a large scale, 41,000 square foot facility that offers visitors an inside look at college basketball that, until now, only players and coaches have seen.

The College Basketball Experience (CBE) runs the gamut of A/V media demands. From interactive databases showing who coached whom, to immersive shooting activities that teach techniques and game strategy, BPI developed and produced all the A/V media software, as well as designed all the exhibit graphic panels throughout the venue. BPI programmed the interactive software that includes large databases of graphical data and video playback, as well as gaming and physical response systems. So, bring your sneakers for the ultimate immersive gaming experience.

The centerpiece of the CBE is the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. This takes a Hall of Fame concept to a whole new level. Visitors explore and relive the careers of some of the greatest players and coaches in college basketball. Unique, show-controlled lighting leads the visitor through a spectacular journey with the legends of the game.

To cap off the Hall of Fame, the Honors Theater provides a high-definition, action-packed experience, “More Than A Game,” that thrills and immerses the visitor from sideline to foul line with all the exciting moments and venerable characters college basketball has provided through the ages. With a script written by award-winning journalist Bob Ryan and produced by BPI, the “More Than A Game” presentation will be the definitive college basketball tribute piece for years to come.



Client: The College Basketball Experience, Kansas City, MO
Partners: ESI Design
Category: Entertainment & Sports
Services: AV Design, Immersive Environments, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Searchable database interactives
  • Interactive broadcasting set
  • Audiovisual Software and Exhibit design

Pays appropriate tribute to the men and women that truly made this sport great!

Visitor Review

ESPNU broadcast desk role-play
Hands-on interactives give visitors a coach's view of the game