“In Pursuit of a Dream” – Oregon California Trails Association

BPI produced the dramatic documentary film, “In Pursuit of a Dream,” for the Oregon-California Trails Association for use in schools and public venues. Winner of many awards including recognition at the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, CA, this film teaches history in a whole new way — by immersion into a specific time period.

Twenty-four young adults, ages 12-17, become the film’s new age “emigrants.” Led by three award-winning teachers they would trek through Wyoming and north to Oregon on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that challenged even the toughest in the group. They would leave behind all of their modern conveniences trading them for bonnets and overalls before they loaded their wagons for an adventure on the Oregon and California Trails. Along the way they met trail travelers from different eras, gold seekers, and natives. 

While they discovered what made this nation great during Westward Expansion, they also learned about themselves and how the decisions they made could have serious and unexpected consequences for their group. Some made it. Others did not. But all learned from the journey…about themselves and about life.




Client: Oregon California Trails Association
Partners: Christie Digital; Trumbull Studios
Category: Culture & History
Services: Film & Video

What We Did:

  • Coordinated an authentic educational experience
  • Filmed and edited a feature-length documentary
  • Oregon Film Festival Best Experimental Film Award 2011
  • Oregon Heritage Excellence Award 2010

This 84-minute documentary packs more excitement than a reality TV show

Big Sky Journal

Filming on location in Wyoming
Getting the perfect angle as the wagon crosses the river
Walking the trail
Candace and the mules
For maximum immersion, the documentary was filmed on an uninhabited stretch of land on the original Oregon-California trail
Learning how to cook