Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Nearly six million people visit the Grand Canyon each year. At the South Rim Visitor Center, BPI created a three-screen interactive trip planner that helps visitors get the most out of the spectacular scenery. The planner has a scalable map with information on hiking routes, bike trails, canyon views, shuttle tours, ranger programs, and restaurants and accommodations. 

To accommodate a wide variety of visitors, the trip planner engages users in their choice of seven languages. Content is available on assisted listening devices for those unable to navigate through the touch screens. The content can be updated by venue staff.

“The Canyon World,” is an eight-minute immersive show projected onto a large sphere. Visitors learn about the evolution of the Grand Canyon through custom animations and spectacular environmental footage. As the program plays, four monitors around the sphere display a synchronized timeline and captions, while LED lighting illuminates nearby objects and artifacts.

“Exploring the Grand Canyon,” a silent, 15 minute looping video on three screens, takes visitors on a complete tour of the canyon. The film shows key vistas seen when traveling by boat or by air. As the video plays, corresponding locations light up on the map.



Client: National Park Service, Grand Canyon, AZ
Partners: Color-Ad
Category: Natural Science
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Immersive theater
  • Interactives and Films

A globe is front and center with projections showcasing the evolution of The Grand Canyon over time. There's also a brief overview about the flora, fauna, and wildlife present in the park. It'll give you a good idea as to what you will encounter during your visit.

Visitor Review

Guests sitting around a globe projection
Globe Projection
Touch screen display saying "Plan Your Visit!" and "SELECT a language to start"
Touchscreen Interactive Trip Planner