“Seeing the Elephant” – Kenosha Civil War Museum

“Seeing the Elephant” is one of only three true 360-degree theaters in the US. This signature film immerses visitors in the Civil War with both spectacle and intimate character portrayals. The story follows three young Midwest men who head off to the war.  Each leaves his home with a different point of view, and those who return . . . are forever changed.  The film includes a full 360-degree battle recreation with elaborate pyrotechnics and dramatic camera movements.

The production for “Seeing the Elephant” involved more than 100 Civil War reenactors – as well as horses, historically accurate uniforms, guns, cannons, explosives, and a crew of 40.

The 360-degree camera system included 8-2K imagers to create a seamless projection onto a 45’ diameter cylinder with a screen height of 14’.

The project was fully prototyped with all eight projectors at one-third scale in BPI’s studio. The final show was played back on WatchOut with 13 channels of audio. Special show controlled lighting, visual and sound effects augment the film.


Client: Kenosha Civil War Museum, Kenosha, WI
Partners: Jonathan Bean Design
Category: Military History
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video

What We Did:

  • Immersive theater
  • Historical Battle Reenactments
  • Original music score

From the moment you observe the 10-minute, 360-degree film "Seeing the Elephant" you'll be captivated by the museum experience.

TripAdvisor Review

Civil War soldiers on movie screen
"Seeing the Elephant" plays in a 360 degree theater
Man stands in center of circular movie screen
Prototype for 360 degree immersive theater
Video production team in the field with camera equipment and historical reenactment actors
Camera array for 360 degree filming
Film Image word Recruits on curved theater screen. People visible in front viewing the film.
Kenosha's 360 degree film wraps around viewers