National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

The epic story of America’s overland migration comes to life in the “Footsteps to the West” five-screen theater. This signature presentation incorporates original footage with historical recreations and wide-screen panoramas in an immersive theater environment. Surrounding the video screens are life-sized dioramas including covered wagons, American Indians, and oxen. These tableaus carry a significant part of the storyline. Surround sound and show-controlled lighting effects further immerse the visitor.

The River Crossing experience is a motion simulator that allows visitors to make their own crossing of the North Platte River in a covered wagon. The experience takes visitors into the cramped and treacherous environment of a wagon crossing a flowing river. Hazards and excitement are felt firsthand as some authentic surprises await our travelers.

Similarly, the Stagecoach presentation takes visitors on a simulated stagecoach ride across the rugged terrain of the Old West, where they are introduced to a collection of bona fide characters who provide historic insight into life on the frontier.


Client: National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, Casper, WY
Partners: Hilferty & Associates
Category: Culture & History
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Immersive theaters
  • Historical reenactments
  • Multimedia Interactives and Films
  • Original music score

I could feel the dirt of the trail and the challenges of those who traveled it -- from American Indians to Oregon-bound travelers, California gold seekers, Mormon Pioneers, and the Pony Express Riders.

Visitor Review

Five-screen theater with western trail dioramas including wagons and oxen.
"Footsteps to the West" Theater includes life size dioramas including oxen, mules and wagons and a five-screen film
Woman views trail scenery from inside a stagecoach
Ride across the prairie in a stagecoach
People ride in a wagon that appears to be driving into a river
See what it is like to cross a river in a covered wagon in this immersive exhibit
Stagecoach immersive exhibit with displays in the windows
Stagecoach Experience
Man and woman type on an interactive exhibit
Donate to the Trail Center Foundation, and add your name to the virtual wall of trail supporters
Digital Postcard from the West
Select a scene and create a digital postcard