Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural House

BPI re-imagined this traditional historical house tour into a media-rich, immersive walk-through experience. Using audio, lighting, and even smells, BPI maintained the historic authenticity of many of the home’s rooms.

The orientation area envelops visitors in the 1901 Pan American Exposition, alive with a rich soundscape, artifacts, and working arcade activities. Utilizing BPI’s tactile interactive strategy, visitors try their hand at shrewd business decisions in the period arcade game, Captain of Industry. A lush film describes the Gilded Age and culminates in dramatic environmental effects, as President McKinley is assassinated.

The immersive Issues Object Theater features a 25’ printed scrim depicting five historic themes that Roosevelt would confront in his unexpected presidency. Show-controlled lighting reveals layered imagery and objects behind the scrim. An audio track brings the whole thing to life.

BPI also recreated Roosevelt’s White House office, where visitors use a touchscreen embedded into the President’s desk to sign or veto congressional bills. Additional AV interactives encourage visitors to compare contemporary political issues with similar topics from Roosevelt’s presidency.


Client: National Park Service, Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural House, Buffalo, NY
Partners: Hadley Exhibits
Category: Culture & History
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Interactives and Films

The displays/exhibits were very well done - gave you a flavor for the time period, and were fun an interactive too. Definitely worth a visit.


Multi-layer designed exhibit wall showing the Pan-American Exposition
Roosevelt's Captain of Industry interactive
Curved wall showing Teddy Roosevelt on the left and Obama on the right
Issues Theater from Roosevelt to Obama
Curved wall showing turn-of-the-century photos
Issues Theater at Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural House
Visitors immersed in a physical recreation of the President's office. Children use an interactive table
The President's office, recreated with digital interactives