The Glass Barn – Indiana Soybean Alliance

BPI is a permanent part of one of the country’s largest and most famous state fairs, the Indiana State Fair. BPI and Kraemer Design & Production worked closely with the Indiana Soybean Alliance to create interactive media for the Fair’s permanent exhibition, the Glass Barn.

weGROW is an introduction to farming culture. At the large video wall, visitors interact live with some of Indiana’s well-known farmers. Using FaceTime technology, farmers show visitors different parts of their farm and daily duties. They also give the audience a chance to ask questions on the spot. 

uFARM is a four-player game that uses a joystick and buttons to guide visitors through different facets of farming: planting, weed and insect control, weather, and harvesting. 

In uEAT, users match everyday grocery items in their shopping cart with the item’s natural origin: pigs, dairy, or soybeans. Every grocery item can be tossed into the soybean cart because all products include or were fed soy. 

At PICTUREu, adults and kids can choose a backdrop that places them on the farm. A picture is snapped, and visitors can email the photo to family and friends.



Client: Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indianapolis, IN
Partners: Kraemer Design & Production
Category: Culture & History, Family Engagement
Services: AV Design, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Live Video Interactive
  • MultiPlayer Analog And Touchscreen Games

One of those exhibits was the popular weGrow theater, featuring videos of farmers from different areas of agriculture. Fairgoers were even able to catch up with the same farmers face-to-face on iPads for question-and-answer sessions throughout the day.

United Soybean Board

Visitors and staff gathered around an interactive touch-table
uFarm Interactive
Physical display addressing myth and facts about meat farming
uEat Exhibit
Digital interactive design showing leaves covered in pests
uFarm Interactive
16-screen display telling farmers' stories
weGrow interactive