“America Fights Back” – The Mob Museum

BPI took its immersive storytelling and technical expertise into an historic setting for an experience at the National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement —  The Mob Museum.  BPI collaborated with Gallagher and Associates in the media design and production of the museum’s signature production, “America Fights Back”

The multiscreen presentation recounts the Kefauver Hearings held in 1950 in the actual courtroom that is in the museum. The scripted show is a dramatic retelling of the bloody murderous events leading up to the hearings. Screens on either side of the judge’s bench descend from the ceiling and display historic characters from the hearings and also give the perception of America watching the trial unfold. Two additional screens over the judge’s desk use holographic-like projections of the actual witnesses who testified in the hearings. 

BPI paid particular attention to the historic structures, furniture, and architecture of the room and incorporated it into the show.

Show control lighting enhances the immersive presentation, bringing the historic room to life with its riveting storyline. BPI engaged the museum’s extensive panel of experts to develop a historically accurate and detailed script.

BPI also produced a ten minute presentation titled “Hollywood and the Mob.” The video is narrated by legendary screenwriter Nick Pileggi who wrote “Goodfellas” and “Casino.”



Client: The Mob Museum, Las Vegas, NV
Partners: Hardy Construction
Category: Culture & History
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video

What We Did:

  • Immersive theater
  • Character holograms
  • Historical Reenactments
  • Original music score

A really cool and fun experience.

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Editor working in courthouse on film exhibit
A BPI editor adjusts audio in the courtroom exhibit
Full Screen multimedia exhibit
Kefauver Hearing exhibit
Courtroom setting with three film screens
"the Mob Fights Back" plays on multiple screens in the historic courtroom
"America Fights Back" multiscreen show