Cave of the Winds – Niagara Falls

The Cave of the Winds Visitor Center at Niagara Falls serves more than a million guests a year. It is the most popular state park in New York.

In collaboration with PGAV, BPI designed and produced two signature immersive theaters and  ten engaging tactile interactives that teach visitors about the powerful resources of the Niagara River and Falls.

In the seven-screen signature theater “The World Changed Here” visitors are given a rich retelling of the history of the Falls and discover how Nikola Tesla harnessed the power of the Falls to create alternating current.  So much happened at the Falls . . . that would change the world. 

Then as guests don their rain gear for getting up close and personal to the Falls, they are treated to a ten-screen media presentation. “Prepare for Power” connects visitors with the beauty of winter at the Falls and also pulls in dozens of visitor added selfies from a digitally curated archive. These selfies dynamically build as an animated collage across the multi-screen display. 

The digital interactives are equally engaging. Wiping Away the Mills is a multi-user experience on a 90-inch touchscreen that enables visitors to literally wipe away history and discover how the Niagara Falls landscape has changed through the years. A large twelve foot projected map table allows multiple guests to access information on nearly fifty points of interest in and around the falls. And an old time Nickelodeon has guests cranking away to see a humorous black and white portrayal of when you had to pay 25¢ to view the Falls.



Client: Cave of the Winds Visitor Center, Buffalo, NY
Partners: Hadley Exhibits
Category: Culture & History
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Immersive theater
  • Interactives and Films

Anyone who visits Niagara Falls has got to visit Cave of the Winds!


Guests surrounding a digital map table
Multi-User Digital Map
Drawn to the Edge exhibit
Drawn to the Edge at Cave of the Winds Pavilion, Niagara Falls State Park
Two women controlling a touchscreen that wipes away an old photo of a mill to reveal a more current photo
Multi-user Touchscreen Interactive, "Wiping Away the Mills District"
Audience gathered in front of a screen in a Nikola-tesla themed theatre. Niagara falls is projected on the screen
Cave of the Winds Pavilion at Niagara Falls State Park