The Safari Experience – Philadelphia Zoo

Ever wonder what it’s like on safari in Kenya? Designed and produced by BPI “The Safari Experience” follows the adventures of a young video blogger in this multi-screen immersive theater. The show puts visitors in the middle of a Kenyan safari. 

The audience is seated alongside a campsite on a starlit night. Up before dawn, a young video blogger shares her unbridled enthusiasm for the day to come. The Kenyan plains come to life on a massive center screen as silhouettes and images are projected on the campsite tent and surrounding walls. Lion cubs tumble and play. Leopards lounge in trees in the midday heat. Elephants protectively circle their young. Thousands of flamingos take flight. And as the sun sets, a hot air balloon carries her high above the plains. 

Upon returning to Philadelphia, she reminisces about the challenges these magnificent animals face in the wild. For her the land, the people, and the amazing wildlife was an adventure of a lifetime! The BPI theater program uses a combination of original studio green screen production and stock video.


Client: Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA
Category: Zoos, Aquariums & Sanctuaries
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video

What We Did:

  • Immersive theater
  • Original music score

"See the Kenyan plains through the eyes of a young explorer."

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Exhibit screen shows flamingos flying over water
A bird's view on an African safari
Exhibit screen shows a young girl vlogging in a tent
Safari Experience takes visitors along for a trip to Africa
Exhibit screens showing elephants on a safari
Elephant behaviors on a safari
Family watching a film African Buffalo grazing
African Buffalo grazing