American Museum of Science and Energy

The science undertaken at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory started during World War II as part of the Manhattan Project. Oak Ridge is still making significant contributions in the areas of Big Science, National Security, and Environmental Cleanup. The exhibits at the American Museum of Science and Energy explore all these themes beginning with a multi-screen wall, table projection, and two touch screens that allow individual exploration of local content.

In collaboration with Hilferty and Associates, BPI completed the media design and produced multiple videos and tactile interactives. 

A multi-screen object theater reveals the World War II-era development of Oak Ridge. Visitors can explore interactive historical and environmental timelines.  Videos show how the supercomputers at Oak Ridge help chart hurricane evacuation routes and weather patterns. 

Learning becomes fun at the “What Element are You?” digital interactive. Guests explore the periodic table by answering questions such as “Are you gassy?” or “Are you a lightweight?” Their answers correspond to the various elements and they determine their own “elemental makeup.”


Client: American Museum of Science and Energy, Oak Ridge, TN
Partners: Hilferty and Associates, Exhibit Concepts, CED
Category: Military History, Science & Engineering
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Immersive theater
  • Interactives and Films

Visited here with three generations represented. Enjoyed the self-paced exploration and hands-on exhibits, especially the Which Element Are You? feature that led to many family laughs.

Trip Advisor Review

Film on circular screen, map interactive
Complex interactive combining touch screen interactive with film highlights
Supercomputing Science images on monitor.
Examples of Supercomputer technology
Two threater screens with World War 2 Footage, Headline: "Super Bomb"
A two-screen immersive theater shows the significance of Oak Ridge as part of the Manhattan Project.
Exhibit space with an interactive clock projection