Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience

This is a tasty treat for visitors of all ages. Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Turkey Hill Experience is the visitor center for the popular local ice cream producers. Based on the actual ice cream factory itself, the experience allows visitors to see how their favorite ice cream is made—and they can even create their own!

BPI developed, designed, and produced all interactive multimedia exhibits in this 20,000+ square foot space. From the early roots of Turkey Hill when it was a small local company, to its wide offerings of today, each exhibit area explores a facet of this friendly company through an artful combination of engaging interpretive media.

The backbone of the Experience is a series of stations that allow visitors to “Create Your Own” ice cream flavor, carton, and commercial. The networked exhibits recognize each visitor’s unique code and can be accessed in order, where visitors can then email their creations home to share with their family and friends.

Other areas include exhibits that let you “Create Your Own” flavor scent or quiz you on ingredients in popular flavors. Or, challenge a friend to “Manic Measuring” as you try to measure the exact amount of ingredients for the next batch of ice cream. 

An entire exhibit area is dedicated to Turkey Hill’s other offering—old-fashioned iced tea. You can discover your “personali-TEA” or just chill out in the tea lounge.

Client: Turkey Hill Ice Cream
Partners: Chris Raia Exhibit Design
Category: Corporate
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Experiential & Immersive Exhibits
  • Overall creative direction
  • Original video production
  • Digital interactives
  • Social media interactive engagement

Plenty of “high tech” attention keeping computer and interactive activities for kids of all ages! We ended up spending 2 1/2 hours and probably could have stayed longer but were limited by travel plans!

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Turkey Hill Experience sign on exterior of a brick building. A black and white painted cow stands outside.
Welcome to Turkey Hill Experience
Children wearing Turkey Hill hats and using a touch screen interactive, while assisted by parent's and exhibit staff
Touch Screen Interactives
Turkey Hill Experience Hallway. Reader rails and a wall with photos of farmers are on the left.
Turkey Hill Experience
Families gathering in the What's Your Tea Personality exhibit
Touchscreen Interactive