“A Pirate’s Fate” – Tampa Bay History Center

Through an immersive and realistic pirate ship set design, “Pirate’s Fate” recruits the audience on a swashbuckling voyage with pirates Calico Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny along the Florida coast. The adventure allows the audience to interactively set the ship’s course, leading the crew to plunder or to peril.

BPI combined entertaining and historically researched scripting, vivid imagery, and audience-engaging interactives to create an integrated immersive experience. The pirate ship theater encompasses a blending of various sections of a pirate ship, like the main deck and the Captain’s quarters, as well as video projection screens on the mainsail, on layered scrims, and through holographic techniques. 

During the show, an interactive map table invites the audience to set a course, while a replica cannon can be manually fired at unsuspecting and enemy ships. Complex theatrical lighting and wind effects help create realistic conditions at sea and in battle, further immersing the audience into this unique experience.


Client: Tampa Bay History Center, Tampa Bay, FL
Partners: Jonathan Bean Design
Category: Culture & History
Services: AV Design, Immersive Theater, Film & Video, Interactive

What We Did:

  • Immersive theater
  • Character reenactment
  • Interactives and Films
  • Original music score

Our grandson is a pirate fanatic, so we took him to the History Center and he loved it!

Visitor Survey

Pirate projected on a sail in an artfully-designed ship deck exhibit
Immersive, interactive experience
A pirate and heavy seas projected on a sail in an exhibit. Visitors chart course on a touch screen.
Visitors charting course in the Pirate's Fate experience
Pirate actor in front of fiery scene
"Pirate's Fate" reenactment
Hand touches interactive content
Operate the pirate ship experience from a touch screen